"Mr. Mazar helped me maximize the recovery in my personal injury lawsuit. I appreciated the personalized service and the extraordinary effort he put into the case. Whenever I meet someone who I think may need a lawyer, I recommend Adrian Mazar."
—Marvin Bryant


Practice Areas

Adrian Maza

Mr. Mazar accepts civil litigation in all areas of personal injury, as well as commercial matters, including breach of contract and consumer defense, as well as bankruptcy. Although he primarily represents plaintiffs, Mr. Mazar has successfully defended clients in personal injury, commercial and consumer cases, and is available for defense matters as well. His areas of concentration include, but are not limited to the following areas (click on each to read more):


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Financial difficulties resulting from job loss, business failure, mortgage foreclosure, catastrophic medical bills, or other misfortune are resulting in a record number of bankruptcies. If you are in a financial crisis, bankruptcy can give you the fresh start you need. The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 has made the process more complicated than ever before. You need an experienced attorney to represent you, whether it is a chapter 7 liquidation or a chapter 13 plan. Unlike the high volume bankruptcy mills, Adrian Mazar will give you the personalized service you need to give you peace of mind throughout the legal process.


Attorney Malpractice

Like other professionals, attorneys sometimes make negligent errors which can result in economic loss for a client. Whether it be a missed statute of limitations, blown court deadline, poorly drafted legal document, or other error, Adrian Mazar has years of experience in assisting clients recover their losses through successful attorney malpractice lawsuits.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Despite increased motor vehicle safety and stricter traffic laws, people continue to suffer serious injuries due to the careless or reckless use of motor vehicles. Whether you are an injured driver, passenger in a private vehicle or mass transit, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian, we will enforce your legal rights to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries.


Wrongful Death

Sadly, negligence or wilful conduct sometimes results in the loss of a loved one. Wrongful death actions are brought on behalf of the deceased person’s beneficiaries. We have experience in litigating wrongful death cases and assisting people during this difficult period of their lives.


Food Poisoning

Thousands of people are sickened each year due to food borne illnesses such as Salmonella, E. coli and Shigella. The symptoms of such illnesses can be quite serious and sometimes life threatening. In Illinois, sellers of contaminated food can be held strictly liable to victims of such illnesses. As with any other injury, we strive to obtain full and fair compensation for our clients who are the victims of food poisoning.


Premises Liability

Under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to recover damages for injuries that occurred on someone else's property due to their negligence. These can include, but are not limited to slip or trip and falls, construction accidents, and recreational activities, both indoors and outdoors.


Dog Bite/Animal Attack

Dogs, cats, horses, cattle and even exotic cats can inflict serious injuries ranging from lacerations from bites to fractures, brain injury and paralysis. Illinois has an Animal Control Act which imposes liability upon the owners or harborers of animals who attack people and cause injuries. We have experience in representing the victims of dog bites or other animal inflicted injuries, and will strive to help you achieve the best possible result in your animal injury claim.


Dram Shop

If you are injured due to the drunk driving or other conduct of a person who became intoxicated as the result of being overserved by a drinking establishment, we can help you recover damages under Illinois' Dram Shop Act. Sometimes these claims go hand in hand with car accident or other injury claims.


Intentional Torts

Police officers, security guards and bouncers sometimes overstep their bounds and commit acts of brutality or other unlawful acts. Their employers may also be responsible for the injuries they cause. Adrian Mazar has years of experience in cases of civil rights violations, assault and battery, false arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.


Other Personal Injury

Just because your injury does not fall into one of the listed categories does not mean you do not have a case. Feel free to contact Adrian Mazar to discuss the details of your accident or injury. All initial consultations are free of charge.


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